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In 2005 Peel Tribe purchased Condamine Fabrications in Warwick Queensland as a foundation for his already established trailer building business, Navaho Trailers.
On moving from Goondiwindi, Peel was looking for a good location to build on his business. Situated on the Cunningham Highway, he found the perfect spot. After over 10 years servicing in that yard he has moved his workshop across town to Morgan Park.
Peel has become very successful with his two trailer brands which trade under the name Absolute Trailer Solutions and his other business Condamine Steel & Rural.
Absolute Trailer Solutions is a steel fabrication business attending to the needs of a wide community.

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Our Vision:

We endeavor to provide world class fabrication services with products customised to suit individual customer needs. We also supply quality axle systems, Australian made Hans Trailers  and trailer spares to customers throughout Queensland. We will enable our customers to meet their business & performance goals because our products are 'Built to Last'

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Our Mission:

We are a team of professional tradesmen & designers with pride of workmanship, good team communications and respect for each other.
Our business is supporting the transport industry with quality trailers & other equipment, supporting horse event competitors with quality, safe stock transportation; and providing high quality axle system and caravan parts.
Our clients are transportation business professionals; sporting equestrians; regional trailer builders; the grey nomad population; and agri-businesses.
What make us unique? We are adaptable providers of high-quality service and custom work. We believe in continuous improvement in both workmanship & design.

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